An Update!

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An Update!

Wow! Time flies when you are having fun!

Hard to believe it’s been over two years since I posted. Well, the past two years have been packed full of great science and great adventures. After wrapping up the Multistressors project in Sweden, I moved to Technical University of Denmark to continue my work on deciphering the role of dissolved organic matter in aquatic environments. Here I’ve been working as part of the EU-BONUS project COCOA. The COCOA project is a multidisciplinary project with 14 different partner institutions looking at the coastal nutrient filter of the Baltic Sea.

The Baltic Sea is an ecologically and culturally important sea. Surrounded by nine different countries, it is home to several large fisheries and experiences a large volume of marine traffic. From north to south it occupies different climatic regimes and covers a large salinity gradient from near freshwater in the north to marine salinities out towards the North Sea through the Danish Straits. All of these characteristics make the Baltic Sea a really interesting place to work. In the COCOA project, I have been focusing on sediment-water interactions and how they fit into the organic matter cycle in the Baltic Sea. It has been a really great experience working in the COCOA project and with so many other great scientists.

To read more about the COCOA project you can check out the official project website here

And a great blog written by one of the project’s PhD students, Dana Hellemann from the University of Helsinki here