I am a marine chemist who is broadly interested in the biogeochemical dynamics of marine dissolved organic matter (DOM). Marine DOM is an active and complex pool of carbon in the world’s oceans. The role that DOM plays in the carbon cycle is defined by the chemical nature of DOM and my research aims to decipher that role using analytical chemistry. I have worked in a number of different countries, and on a number of different aspects of DOM biogeochemistry. During my PhD (University of Georgia, USA) I studied the photochemical reactivity of DOM in the coastal ocean. During my post-doctoral years in Sweden and Denmark, I worked on characterizing the influence of DOM from rivers and sediments on the marine environment using a variety of chemical fingerprinting methods. My lab is now located in the Department of Chemistry at Memorial University in the beautiful province of Newfoundland and Labrador in eastern Canada. Here I continue my work in characterizing and understanding the cycling of DOM and how it affects marine environments from coastal regions to the open ocean. I am also passionate about science education, and look for ways that we can do better at communicating science to students.  Instilling students with a passion for science will help us create a stronger, more sustainable society.

View of St. John’s Harbour, NL